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Joshua & Janet Angela Mills
For Your Breakthrough Miracle!
I believe in the power of impartation!  All over the world, the Lord has allowed us to minister to thousands of people on a one-on-one basis as we have laid hands on them and prayed for great miracles to take place in their lives.  The testimony reports from these times have been outstanding... as people have reported complete cures from sicknesses, dramatic healings from the devastating effects of disease, financial prosperity and breakthroughs out of poverty and lack, family miracles (marriages restored, salvation of children, and freedom from addictions).  If these types of miracles have been released through an impartation of the glory realm during our meetings, why not believe for these same kinds of miracles to be released as we pray for you via email?  It is time for:
Your Family To Be Saved!
Your Finances To Flourish!
Your Body To Be Healed!
Your Addictions To Be Broken!
We want to pray for you... I believe that there is a supernatural transferance of anointing that will happen as we pray for you - there is explosive Holy Spirit-power released through agreement - as Christians join their faith together to believe God's Word for miracle results!  When you send us an email our ministry team will begin lifting up your needs before the Throne of Grace... the bible says that we can come boldly and with faith, as we bring your prayer requests to God. 
I also want to give you an opportunity to sow into this realm of God’s manifest glory.
I believe that without a seed it is impossible to reap a harvest.  Every farmer knows this!  This is the reason why the Farmer will fill their fields of fertile soil with thousands of seeds during seedtime because when it is time to reap they will be able to enjoy a bountiful harvest that was a result of their generous seed.
Now is the time to sow into the glory realm!  It is God’s fertile soil for increase in every good and perfect thing that comes from above.  Your finances represent your time, efforts, talents, abilities and sacrifices... this is why it is so powerful when you release them as a gift into the glory!  The bible says your heart can be found wherever your treasure is placed!  Please send us your prayer requests and sow a financial seed into the glory so that we can believe for a supernatural transferance of this glory impartation to fill your life!
Email us your prayer requests by clicking here.
We are believing God for some major miracle testimonies in your life and supernatural breakthroughs as His power is released in this way!  You have an opportunity to sow into the glory realm today by clicking here.
In His Great Love,
Joshua Mills

***Please Note***
Although we may not be able to respond directly through email with you, because of the increased numbers of prayers being submitted, please know that each and every request is read and prayed over by one of our faith-filled Intercessors.  They are soaked in prayer and covered with glory.  We consider it a great privilege and honor to lift you up before the Throne of Grace!
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